What’s Up Man…………?

Posted on February 17, 2014

It seems like everyday that you wake up, there is a whole new set of current events these days. The media is everywhere, searching for the next story, and this fast-paced society angles in the same direction. Sports games are played, political meetings are handled, movie stars give interviews and local populations endure severe weather. It seems as though this is a never-ending story, as it is for sure. So what is currently the news trending in today’s world?

The Olympics

Sochi Olympics 2014The start of the Olympics in Sochi has been a huge current events topic as of late. The Russians and Putin are glad to be hosting the 22nd annual Winter Olympic Games, and they are welcoming all countries. However, there was a scare before the games even got started. Bomb threats prompted evacuations and terrorist alerts. Now that the games are underway, everything is much more calm. There have been some upsets and some great stories for sure. Norway was supposed to win the cross country skiing relay today, but they fell back in 5th place. The Swedish team ended up taking home the gold.

Michael Dunn Trial

Everyone remembers the death of Trayvon Martin the ensuing criminal case, and now there is a case similar to it that is making the news. Only in this case, it appeared that Michael Dunn was going to be found guilty. Indeed he was today, on four counts, but they did not convict him of murder. The trial is being nicknamed the “Loud Music Trial.”

When searching for the most popular news story these days, it’s actually kind of easy to find them online. Whether you visit the site for a major news network or get your news from a random blog, it’s everywhere! In fact, when searching for something, do you notice the articles you’re clicking on in the search results have times right under them like “8 minutes ago?” News is fast, that is for sure.

Just recently there was a popular drinking game that went viral online, and four people ended up dying. This game is a “drink and dare” game, so you can imagine the risk with a name like that. What about Betty White? She’s always in the news at 92 years old, but recently she has made her way to the wrestling shows! That’s right, as a guest star!

How about the Americans playing the Russians in hockey in a preliminary game for the first time in 32 years! Everyone remembers the last time these teams played each other. It was the 1980 game concerning believing in miracles where the US pulled off the victory. Well, to the dismay of the host Russians, the US pulled off the victory today as well.

There is a Mars research station in Utah that researchers spent some time living on for a few weeks. Scientists try to get closer and closer to astronauts spending more and more time on Mars, and it has definitely become a focal point of the solar system.

newsJay Leno has in recent weeks stepped down from the Tonight Show after 22 years. Jimmy Fallon will be his replacement, and he takes over in just a few days. There was a slight break in between hosts and the introduction of the Olympics. This is supposed to be a smooth transition for Fallon, and he is the 2nd host to try and take over for Leno. Conan was the first one, and everyone knows that didn’t last too long. Will Jay be back or is Jimmy the man?

How about that polar vortex? Winter weather advisories are sweeping the nation, and the winter weather is even responsible for several deaths. The South has been hit like never before. Atlanta got hit twice, and it’s good they were more prepared the 2nd time. The first time they let schools and workers out all at once, creating a traffic jam and a very serious situations, costing lives.

As you can see there are quite a few popular news subjects trending. It’s interesting to note how some topics trend longer than others. Surely tomorrow there will be something else added to the top news subjects of the day.

Back to the Olympics! What about the woman whose topless photos are surfacing? Sochi has definitely seen its fair share of dramatic happenings, and the Olympic events themselves have definitely not been disappointing.

Speaking of events that are still talked about over time. The Oscars are coming up, and what about that Super Bowl that happened almost a month ago? That was one of the biggest rompings in Super Bowl history. Will Peyton Manning retire, or is there going to be another season in the books for him? I guess you’ll have to keep checking out the latest news.

My Model Aircraft Hobby

Posted on April 19, 2014

After a week of settling employee disputes, making the difficult decisions and being a prisoner to the four walls of my office day in and day out, there is nothing I look forward to more than flying my remote controlled airplane on weekends.

elewin Model AircraftA remote controlled airplane hobby is a satisfying diversion on so many levels. Besides the satisfaction of watching that plane fly wherever you choose to direct it, having full control of its destiny, there is also the naturally serene setting that is a requisite component of such a pastime. The great outdoors, with its combination of sun and open spaces, is one of the best parts of this hobby. Enjoying the fresh air and the varying hues of blues and greens that have been unattainable to you all week inside your office or cubicle. All in all, it’s a hobby that re-energizes the spirit and challenges the senses.

For those who have never experienced the pleasures of remote controlled aircraft as a hobby, there are a few things to know. Number one is the fact that, as hobbies go, it can be quite affordable to  get started. Also like most hobbies, as you gain some experience and enthusiasm for it, you usually want to upgrade to better equipment or add to your collection. That is when the money starts disappearing, but it can be as expensive or economical as you choose.

A basic sttarter kit can get you airborne immediately for somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 to $200 — low enough to get a taste of the pleasures of RC airplanes and to get you totally hooked! Other planes, however, can run up to $1,000 or more. These would be larger planes that, while intended for more advanced hobbyists, can be, in the long-run, much easier to manage. The expense stems from the fact they require a stronger motor and batteries, etc.

These planes, especially the larger ones, are a bit of a handful to transport because of their size and larger wingspans, but once up, they are easier to manage. These planes are a sight to behold. A person could watch them for hours and never tire of it. They look so majestic soaring overhead, banking and dipping their wings. If you aren’t the one at the controls you could almost believe it is a real airplane far enough up in the sky to look like a tiny speck.

Another advantage of the larger scale models is that they are capable of carrying a video camera   or some other payload. This adds to the fun as you can videotape the landscape from a bird’s eye-view.

It takes a little time to keep them properly maintained. They should be oiled on a regular basis and wiped down after each outing as they can pick up grease, gasoline, or dirt and grass stains while in use. But it’s all worth it in the end, and if you keep your remote controlled airplane well maintained, it will provide you with years of pleasure.

Oriental Astrology – Anything To It?

Posted on March 14, 2014

Folks, Just back from the Far East – had a great time and became very interested in Chinese Astrology and the Chinese Zodiac. Seems a lot more ‘together’ than western Astrology. This is what I found out….

Astrology from ChinaChinese and Western Astrology are similar in that both are systems of divination that are based on times of births and birth dates. Although they both use symbols so their respective theories are understood, there are many differences between the two.

Often you will find that most people believe strongly in one or the other, but they may also use other aspects of another tradition.

The Differences In Icons

There are 12 zodiac signs that are in Chinese Astrology, and all of the signs are the result of a myth. The legend states that when the creator of the Earth was developing the calendar, all of the animals of the Earth were summoned to compete in a race. The first 12 creatures that crossed the finished line were rewarded with a symbol in the zodiac. They were given a sign depending on the order in which they completed the race.

The rat finished the race first because it used a strategy. The pig finished last because it was distracted.

Western Astrology differs because the 12 signs used in this system are based on the constellations that are in the sky. Each constellation is associated with a month of the year. For example, Capricorn is associated with January because that is the month when that particular constellation is overhead.

The Differences In Time Frames

The Chinese Astrology separates the zodiac signs into years, whereas the Western system of Astrology separates the signs based on the months of the year. This is why those who follow Chinese Astrology believe that people who are born in a certain year share the same characteristics, and Western Astrology believes that people who are born in the same month share the same traits.

These differences make sense because the Eastern cultures place emphasis on generational differences in people, and Western cultures place emphasis on psychological differences.

The Differences In Elements

In Chinese Astrology, the world is identified and comprised into several elements. These elements are:

• Earth
• Fire
• Wood
• Metal
• Water

The lunar calendar has each one of these elements linked to 2 year time frames. These elements also govern the forces that motivate you in your life. For example, the element of Fire is believed to inspire excitement in a person, and the Earth element represents firm foundations.

People who are born under the element of Metal are inspired to create and maintain order, and Water people love to create emotional bonds. Wood people love to explore.

Western Astrology differs in that it has four elements, and these elements are:

• Air
• Water
• Fire
• Earth

Every element represents three signs of the zodiac, and the element also helps to govern the psychology of that particular group. Signs that fall under the Fire element are thought to be impulsive, and Air signs are considered intelligent. Earth signs are considered to be practical, and water signs are emotional.

The Lunar Phases Versus The Modes

The Astrology that is based on Eastern culture places plenty of emphasis on lunar phases that occur when a person is born. The person’s temperament is linked to the phase of the moon when they were born. There are several different types of lunar phases:

• New Moon
• Waxing Moon
• Waning Moon
• Full Moon

People who are born under the New Moon are considered adventurous, and those born under the Waxing Moon are considered hard working. Waning Moon types enjoy peace and quiet, and Full Moon types enjoy diplomacy.

In contrast, Western Astrology uses three qualities. These qualities are Cardinal, Mutable and Fixed. These modes are each linked to four different zodiac signs. Cardinal signs are thought to be natural leaders and Mutable signs enjoy developing deep connections. Fixed signs enjoy making accomplishments through hard work.

There are many differences between Chinese and Western Astrology. These differences are based on cultural beliefs and experiences.

So, I really like this Oriental Astrology…turns out I’m the sign of the Dog.


What News Is Hot This Week

Posted on March 14, 2014

I like to consider myself a person that posts about all the latest news before it becomes a big story. In fact, I guess you could say that – among my friends – I am the definite tastemaker. In fact, I have often thought of starting my own blog along the lines of some of the top Hollywood gossip blogs – except mine would be more broadly focused on more than just the entertainment industry. It would be more like a guide to everything that is trending during the course of a typical week.

In fact, here are just some of the areas of trending topics that I think it would be great for my blog to address:

- What’s Trending In Politics

There are few things in the world that affect so many peoples’ lives on a granular level as politics. Any blog concerned with trending topics would need to address political news.

- What’s Trending In Business

The business and financial world is very important, and aftershocks from events that happen in it are felt in all areas of life. It will be critical to include in my blog covering trending events and situations.

- What’s Trending In Entertainment

While the entertainment industry is not as objectively important as the political or financial world, it is a topic that hold the interest of a great many people and therefore it would be very smart to cover it. If you’re in britain don’t miss the Stage for the latest news.

- What’s Trending In Music

When it comes to the arts, the area that really grabs people emotionally is music. Music is the heart and soul of us – the soundtrack of our lives. No blog about what’s “hot” in the world would be complete without keeping up with the music charts.

- What’s Trending In Legal/Crime News

Whether it’s kidnapping, murder – or even civil proceedings – legal cases capture the imagination of the public in a way that very few  other things do. It is not out of line to say that a trending topics blog would pretty much have to cover legal topics to be considered relevant at all.

- What’s Trending In World Happenings

Although people from every country can become somewhat nationalistic in their tendency to only be interested in news that affects people from their own country, it is also vitally important to keep tabs on what is happening all around the world. What on earth is going on with Malysian Jet situation for exmaple?

- What’s Trending In Sports

Sports is an area that taps into peoples’ passions in a way that is visceral, tribal, and eternal. Blogging about what is happening in the world of sports is a must in order to keep up with trending events.

- What’s Trending In Health

There are always innovations in the health and medical world that are worth blogging about, and a lot of the topics definitely show up on various “trending” lists!. Check out The Dorian Report for the latest.

- What’s Trending In Beauty and Fashion

The way that people present themselves to the world has a lot to do with how they are seen and perceived, both by the public and by themselves. There should definitely be a portal where people can logon and see at a glance what is trending in the world of fashion.

I think those are the basic areas that it will benefit my blog to cover. Of course, if I think of anything else, there is nothing saying that I can’t add it on! However, I feel confident that if I create a great blog that covers those areas I will be covering all of the important aspects of what’s trending this week!

Join the Community: Learning a Language Online

Posted on March 8, 2014

Learning new languages can open up opportunities in your life that you never thought possible. You will be able to speak with the natives when you travel as you please, and can make new friends in the process. Additionally, you will be able to open up your world culturally, in addition to job prospects. When you want to make sure that you are able to learn a language, you should do all that you can to pick it up and begin using it. If you have a desire, focus and an internet connection, you can begin learning a language online today.

What types of resources are available for learning a language online?

When you learn a language online, you will be able to make sure that you are able to speak with natives who can help you to learn what comes with the process. You will be able to take the steps necessary to find the tools responsible for helping you out, and will be able to pick up the language that you choose to learn. By speaking with other people, you will be able to accelerate your learning and make sure that you are able to pick up new life skills that you otherwise would not have had. You are not just learning a language online, you are joining an online community of people who are like minded and able to help you out on your goals, and make sure that you get everything that you need out of the process. When this is what you are looking for, join today for free, to begin your language learning process today!

The Community

When you join this online language learning community, you will be able to get free language learning lessons, along with a plethora of activities and fun and engaging games and objectives that will allow you to truly learn the language. Grammar can be tough, so you will learn it from the ground up by using this language system. You’ll be able to speak with native speakers frequently, so that you are picking up the right accent, and so that you are able to nail down the nuts and bolts of the language with no problem.

When you participate in the program, you’ll be on a long, fruitful and successful journey toward making the most of this new skill, so that you can become fluent in no time. The community is inclusive, and will work hard for you in order to give you all that you need in order to learn about the language, the pronunciation, the culture and everything else. When this is what you are looking for, get in touch with us to learn more about the community. This way, you will be able to join up and begin speaking with confidence. By doing this, you’ll pick up an invaluable skill that nobody can take from you. If that is what you desire, just sign up today for a free account and begin enjoying yourself today.